Presentation Macs at the 2024 Meeting will be running Mac OS 13.x Ventura and Keynote 13.x.

If you create your file in a recent version of Keynote the presentation will be saved as a single file by default. This file can be uploaded directly via the web into our system. If your presentation was created in an older version of Keynote the file will likely be saved as a "package". Although this format may appear to be one file within the MacOS it is actually a folder structure and cannot be uploaded directly.

More information on this subject is available from Apple here:

If you created your presentation in an earlier version of Keynote and wish to upload the "Package Keynote File" via the internet, please locate the file in the finder. Hold down the control key, and single click on the file. Choose: "Create Archive of" from the menu. An archive file will appear with the same name as your presentation, and a ".zip" extension. This is your archive file.

Even if you upload a copy of your Keynote presentation, please bring a copy of the presentation with you on a USB Flash Drive and make sure you know which version of Keynote you used to create the presentation. It is also a good idea to Export a copy of your presentation to PDF file as a backup

If you have any questions, please contact us at